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Only when I’m sick, I’ll think of the blog.
Sore Throat + Cough + Fever = a dying blogger.

I like this pic

I have 2 new nendos for me to bully. One is Yui.


Mio joins in the fun!

The boys join in the fun too! But they saw sth more interesting instead!

Mio Strap Pantsu!

rather creepy for me.

Arawn. Another nendo to bully.

Boys without pants!


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this is a very belated christmas post.. haha, been B.U.S.Y!
anyway i’m helping my nendo supplier(Candytoyo) to update his blog too..
ohya, i traded my extra drossel figma for a danboard.. will post next week bah..


didn’t do much for Christmas.. i got a present aka food from my aunt though.. My christmas present pretty much was hijacked by my daughters in less than an hour @_@”


tried overseas shipping, not bad actually.. Ordered from otacute and shipped by SAL.. takes around 11days..

this drossel can light up.. alr have afew stories involving my figma drossel and its chibi.. haha

Together with the drossel nendo, Otacute staff included some weird freebies.. A Aug-Dec 2010 calendar and some brochures in JAP.. Otacute does not put styroform in the package, just newspaper to minimise the damages done during shipping.. The box was pretty sturdy.. Will try to order from Hobby Search or HLJ next time using SAL..

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haha, installed photoshop CS4 on window 7..
but no time to use it.. i still learning the basics of photoshop.. working too..


Raspberyl meets Sensei..
R: Lend me your glasses, sensei..
S: erh…

as usual, our impatient raspberyl just grab the spec from sensei..
S: argh!! can’t see, muz get back glasses..

S: crap.. better run first

R: you can run but you can’t hide..

poor sensei was left hanging for hours..


didn’t noe how to fit this pic into story.. lol



My nephew.. uploaded on flickr

uploaded on picasa..

confirm it’s flickr prob.. u can see the difference in the pic.. changed all the pixelated photos to picasa..

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Nov Dec Loot

actually i still got Canaan and Minami, but not sure if they coming dis month…

Konata Figma

Need more time to make it stand with the figma stand.. Dun realli like the stand cox quite diff to work with due to the long blue hair..

comparing the size of nendo fig and figma face.. i prefer nendo more, cuter

i always find problem figuring out left and right hand

u can customise the blank face with the stickers.. haven’t tried yet though..

can change head too but haven’t tried.. veri diff to take out the head

Nozomu Itoshiki




cherish dis photo.. u will noe y later.. the face look like my nephew.. will do a comparison in the next post

sigh.. try to fix with super glue.. didn’t work so i break the other tail too.. heartpain.. look like chunli (the female fighter in street fighter)

supposed to look like this


will try photoshop in the next post.. not sure if can install in win 7 anot.. look out for the next post by 20 Dec

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it’s been awhile.. haha.. so lazy to upload my photos.. got afew more nendos for nov.. will upload my new nendo pics when i get my yume (this sun)


Drossel: Target Confirmed. Armed with AK. Proceeding with assassination.

when u managed to sneak behind ur enemies, u have two options. One: Grab, Slam, Punch. Two: Low Blow (Learned Technique From Wrestling)

Low Blow! Some might think this technique works on males only. But I tink this works for both males and females.

Drossel: Mission Accomplished!

This pic looks funny no matter how i resize it.

The photos are quite dark since i took them at night. No realli a fan of flash though.. Haha, i will rbm to take pics in the afternoon next time. I wan to take nice photos but i’m such a lazy person. Duno wad i did to the photos. My photos look so pixelated. Photos looks much better when i posted at figure.fm. Mayb cox the lighting just sux.. Some randoms photos to end this post.

Superwoman! For those new to Drossel, it’s a she. Look at her chest, although abit small. May post figurines with bigger chest if i’m in good mood. hahaha

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Exams coming.. so i having an extra long post.. Story den me showcasing my oct loot! Good news! I’ve got 7nendoroids so far, so i forsaking the bootlegs.. perhaps using their faces and props in future posts..

After hanging out in my room for so many days, my daughters are quite hungry.. and they are thinking of reviving Miku who is STILL in shocked state in making of the first story.

I wonder why are Kagami and Konata look so distressed even when they find my hidden mini chips!~

Well, guess they just trying to open the chips
Kureha look so nice in these pics
Konata, Kagami: Helpppppppp……..

Pixel to the rescue again!
Pixel: I get this piece of shit open in no time..
Konata, Kagami: 0_0!!!!!!!!

Pixel: WTF!!!

Shana: I’m hungry… Gonna slice open.. foodddd…..

Nendos: Food!!!! Feed me!!!!

Pixel: Me! Me Me!!!!
Shana: Come any closer and u’re dead..
Look at Shana’s arm, i broke her arm :s

Miku, Kagami (excited state) : yay!!!!

had these pics for quite long.. been really lazy..
next up, my Oct loot..


Introducing Saber Lion! HeartPain, she took a few falls from my chair during the photoshot.. No damage has been observed yet..

Lion: What u trying to do?! Trying to steal my drumstick?!
OMG, another food obsessed nendo..
The one on the left is Rin.. dun be deceived by her looks, she veri horny..
Rin: huh?!

This is Saber Lily.. Actually she and Saber Lion same character, just diff customes.. haha..
Saber Lily: keeping still for photoshoot :s

haha.. thinking of a name of Kyoka pet, the octopus..
any ideas?

I’ll be back in Dec..

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been sick and busy preparing tests.. reasons for late update.. haha..

Baby Iain.. Well, the nendoroids were supposed to look after him while my sis engrossed in a mahjong session and me studying.. lol..

Kureha accompanying Iain to his dream world.

Pixel: Come any closer and I’ll shoot ur ass off!
well, tat’s comforting to see.. at least someone takes this babysitting job seriously

Kagami on the loose! She’s gonna cause some trouble with her poke and leek

always a sin to disturb someone’s dreams.. esp ppl from my family!

Kagami: i’lllll haveeee my revengeeeee
I guess the slogan “Never Say Die” applies for Kagami.. Continuing her journey to hell..

Kagami: yes, good boy.. eat the leek and die! er, i mean grow strong and healthy.. hahaha ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Pixel to the rescue!!!
Kagami: helpppppp
Pixel: i tot u were in the box! who let u out?!

Finally, some peace again!

Actually not tat peaceful afterall. Baby Iain was quite disturbed during the photoshoot.. he didn’t have enough sleep. keep crying after waking up..

End of story.. quite lazy to write, so let the pics do the talking.. haha.. got my saber lily nendoroid dis wk.. will be posting the pics once the nendoroids arrive from HK..

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