Alert! Intruders!

Pixel: Kashira, get out of our way! This is W.A.R!
Kashira means Boss.. and that’s what Pixel and Shana call me.
Konata: I’m scared :s
A mysterious package has been spotted!
Miku: Food!
Pixel & Shana: Are you stupid?!!! It’s a BOMB!
Shana: Let me cut this shit!
Miku: Use my leek!!
Pixel: 0_0 ‘Damn! She’s reaalli a dumbass..’
Kagami: helpppp……..
Konata: AHHHHHHHH!!!!
Miku: What’s wrong?
Konata: …
Miku: Alien!!!!!!!!!!!!   ‘faint’
On the other end of the room,
Pixel: Let’s kill her!

To be continued


Grand Opening of Bakwa!

Just open this website for my nendoroids pictures and stories. Mayb to review animes too. Been taking pics but too busy with sch these days to upload them. Just wait for me to upload my pictures next wk k? And it’s freaking diff to make the nendoroids stand even with the stand provided.

Currently Owned Nendoroids: Pixel (56b), Kagami, Kureha
Bootlegs aka Fakes: Shana, Konata, Miku
Preorders: Saber Lily, DCII, Minami, Saber Lion, Rin Kokonoe

Had no choice but to take the imitations. 1. No stocks 2. No Money
Not recommended to get bootlegs. Bad painting jobs and it’s quite diff to move the parts around.

Actually had to import Saber Lion and Rin nendoroids at higher prices cox no stock in Singapore. They have been released earlier this year. Lesson of the day: Always pre-order your nendoroids!